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Our vision is to assist individuals and organizations in achieving Sustainable Optimal Performance (SOP) and Wellness through an understanding of self, and the impact of neurochemistry on emotions, immunity and hence performance. This relies on a holistic approach of balance amongst work application, interpersonal/personal relationships and recreation as well as understanding the impact of purpose and passion on gratification and hence wellness and performance. 

We bring over 30 years of business and sport consulting and experience in:

  • Executive Leadership Development (diagnosis, analysis, interpretation, delivery and solutioning)

  • Psycho-neuro-immunology and its implication on business and sport performance.

  • Hockey and soccer coach and team development (playbooks, team identity, season, practice and game strategy and plan, playoff tactical action plan and intent, small area sequencing, transitions and game intelligence and meaning and purpose alignment).

  • Player development (strength and conditioning, power skating, small area sequencing, transitions, deception, hockey intelligence, vision, mind state development, deception, shooting square)

  • Organizational resilience (positioning organizations and teams to operate through change), change management, culture and organization development, team development and personal development).

  • Operational Excellence (value optimization, productivity improvement, cost take out, asset and process optimization, organisational design, operations strategy, value driver trees, systems implementation).

  • Business Transformation (journey management, strategy development, post-merger integration, value realization, business case development, decentralization/centralization, capability design and development, performance management (KPI’s, balance scorecard), system design and implementation (SAP), portfolio management.




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Dean Brunicke

Founder and Managing Director

Dean has worked in the top management consulting firms and BYO-BI, providing solutions and strategies to Fortune 500 companies, private businesses and Individuals. He is an accredited Neuro-Diagnostic© practitioner and brings the insight, tools and methodologies gained over more than 1000 Executive one-one one interactions, coaching coaches and building high performing teams.

Georgia Brunicke


Georgia is currently reading for her BSC in Psychology at Queen's University. She brings her passion and insight into how youth hear and interpret/process information and the impact it has on their emotional states and hence performance.

Doug Crashley


"Crash" brings years of strength and conditioning experience working with hockey players and coaches from youth to NHL-level. Known for his passion as well as his deep understanding of what it takes to perform at the most elite levels of hockey. Crash assists in developing the many traits that integrate to potentiate a hockey player’s abilities. 


Pat Puddifant


Pat brings his expertise in developing on ice activities (sequences, transitions, drills, shooting square, creativity, game intelligence, deception) to help individuals and teams develop and improve overall performance

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